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Mary Van Gils

I am a young artist who still has a lot to learn about life and art. Right now most of my work is portraiture, I like to try and highlight something about a person when I paint their portraits. This might be their sorrow or their beauty…anything I see in them. I plan on expanding into more conceptual and story-telling paintings soon; I must always be expanding my talent and knowledge by trying new things. I will be a freelance artist someday. At the moment everything in my etsy shop is original paintings or ink work, I don’t sell prints at the moment but all of my originals are priced quite low.

I do custom portraits and paintings, so feel free to contact me for a commissioned piece.


maryvangils said...

Thank you for featuring me!

paint1chris said...

Mary your work is wonderful. You have so much movement in your paintings.

maryvangils said...

Thank you Chris =) that means a lot to me!