The mission of the Etsy Fine Art Gallery is to highlight the fine art on Etsy, as distinct from fine craft. Not that we have a bias against fine craft, mind you. That will be for another blog. Here you will find only original fine art. Watch for new openings and special exhibits curated by Etsy fine artists. And thank you for looking. Our exhibits change every Sunday so check back often!

Fairy Tale Art By Artist Philippe Fernandez

Fairy Tale Art By Artist Philippe Fernandez
If you love fantasy art and fairy tales with a gothic primitive twist, you’re sure to find something that pleases you

Felicia Kramer

I am a full-time artist, having retired early a few years ago because of a crummy back. Although my BFA degree was in printmaking, I am currently focusing on photography, digital collage and handmade paper art. I enjoy exploring new techniques, such as Photoshop, and finding new ways to express myself in my art.

Lisa Ransom Smith - Poetry in Pastel

Lisa Ransom Smith studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design in
Columbus, OH. After working to earn a living, she realized that she
was missing something. So she took a pastel class. "I have been
hooked ever since."

In 2000, Lisa took what few pastels she had and approached a local
gallery for representation. "Getting in was great, but was this the
direction that I was supposed to be moving in?" Each year sales
improved. She became the top selling 2-dimensional artist in the

But the greatest confirmation for Lisa was when Executive Director
Charles Shepard III personally asked her to display her work in "The
Holy Calm of Nature" landscape exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art
in April - May 2005. And in April of 2005, she was accepted by the
Pastel Society of America as a Signature Member.

Sandra Willard

I consider myself to be a self-taught artist since I have never had any formal training. I constantly view other artists work and study the masters. I believe that artists learn best by observation and by developing a style unique to themselves.

I am inspired by nature and people. I love the beauty of this planet and can never find enough time to put down on paper everything that excites me. I am in awe when I look at the work of such artists as Seurat, Wyeth, O'Keefe, Escher and others too many to list. I have recently moved to the U.S. and I have discovered a wealth of new inspiration all around me for future pieces.

I have been a professional artist since the moment I sold my first drawing to a classmate in the fourth grade for 75 cents. Although, I am happy to say that sales have improved since then!

My artwork has been added to private collections throughout the world but most can be found in Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Some of my work has been signed under my maiden name of Spyth but all current and future pieces will be signed Willard.

Encaustic Selections from Carrie Goller Studios

Formerly a paralegal, it took a bout with breast cancer for me to finally become the artist I was told I should be since childhood. Seeking a way to ease stress, I also found balance, harmony and a creative outlet. Since then, I have been trying to make up for lost time, painting daily. I love to paint luminous oils and vibrant encaustic beeswax paintings from my two studios: one for encaustic in a Norwegian village in Washington and the other on Washington's Hood Canal for oil and tempera. Although I love nature, especially birds, nests and eggs, I paint a wide range of subject matter in various styles. I feel very lucky I am able to paint now and am grateful for health, my family, friends and collectors for their support.


One of the many styles of painting is the use of dots. This style is called Pointillism or Divisionism. When using colour these dots consist of small brush strokes of contrasting colours. These colours are not blended on the palette or on the canvas. When viewed from a distance, your eyes do the blending. Georges Seurat (1859 – 1891) was the pioneer of this style and was a leader in colour theory. He was the founder of the Neo-Impressionism style.
Pointillism is also used as a drawing technique. The concentrations of dots create the different values in a drawing.
Check out these Etsy artists whose works are created using this technique.
Doug Ashby, 68rhino, Third Street Gallery, Sandra Willard, Wendell Fiock, Heather Paqualino Weirich, Alan Hogan, artsncraftsetc, LisaRansomSmith

Fine Artists on Etsy - a curated exhibit

This exhibit was curated by Lisa Bartlett. I included some of my favorite fine artists but it was very hard because there are so many. Thanks to www.byhand.me for creating spotlights and in doing so created a vehicle to arrange works easily.

Sue Schumann-schugirl

I am a graphic designer/photographer at heart, but pay the bills as a teacher. I'm a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design's CE program in Advertising and Print Design which was an amazing and rigorous three year program. Unwilling to leave my teaching career just yet, I've been working on freelance assignments and photography with my time off. People say that my photography is an eclectic mix of subjects, and I think that is because I look for interesting patterns, shapes, textures, colors, and lighting situations to shoot. I try to show the beauty of everyday things you see around you! Thanks for your interest in my work! Sue Schumann

AKjapan - original art from Japan by Andrea Kobayashi

I am primarily a landscape painter. I like to draw and paint the natural environment, especially the fields and mountains where I live in rural Japan. My work is influenced by history, by photography and by my experience of migration and travel. The bulk of my studio practice is big, oily landscape paintings. I have three main studio projects:
Karasu/Yatagarasu (two and three-legged crows) a conceptual project exploring the experience of migration and outsider, Landscape Painting and Drawing and The Armchair Antiquarian. As well as these I also make small works on paper; pen and ink, watercolours and printmaking including 'hapazome' - Japanese leaf prints. These have been popular on Etsy.


It began with photography. I took my first photograph when I was about 17 and haven’t stopped clicking the shutter since. Now, some 45 years after my first pictures, I have wholeheartedly adopted digital imaging and complex photo manipulation. I often combine scanned images from my own archive with other found images from photo libraries, postcards and old magazines. I do this both digitally and physically before further manipulating and distorting them.

I have just begun working in more traditional media, including painting and collage, monoprinting, collagraphs and linocut. I find that the mental ‘shifting of gears’ involved in moving between them refreshes my creativity, with ideas from one informing my work in the others. I am now trying to reintegrate these different areas of work, sometimes by modifying the digital image to create unique pieces, or by introducing digital elements into otherwise ‘conventional’ work.


MYSTIC SILKS creates for you a unique purchase of silk art: Art work that can not be duplicated---you will never see the same painting,anywhere in the world.
As the colored dyes touch the silk, moving through the fibers, they take on a wonderful, mysterious life of their own.
A steaming process, sets the dyes, adding other dimensions and character--Look closely you may see mysterious shapes and images. ENJOY! This was created by me, just for you.

Mary Van Gils

I am a young artist who still has a lot to learn about life and art. Right now most of my work is portraiture, I like to try and highlight something about a person when I paint their portraits. This might be their sorrow or their beauty…anything I see in them. I plan on expanding into more conceptual and story-telling paintings soon; I must always be expanding my talent and knowledge by trying new things. I will be a freelance artist someday. At the moment everything in my etsy shop is original paintings or ink work, I don’t sell prints at the moment but all of my originals are priced quite low.

I do custom portraits and paintings, so feel free to contact me for a commissioned piece.


I love to make the real unreal. My work is very imaginative and often times dark. I work in a variety of materials.. depending on what I have on hand and my mood. I actually went to school for art and have a MFA that I picked up Memphis... I have had a few shows here and there. You can see more of my work at www.marylundberg.com
MAry http://www.marylundberg.com


I have been an artist and a creator for most of my life. My goal is to connect with the viewer in a way that uses the images of every day but can also take them beyond its simple meaning.

Neversleeping Silkscreen Prints

I am a full-time maker of things. Screenprinting is my favorite medium because it's easy to make dozens of prints and sell them cheap enough that anyone can get them, while still preserving the handmade look and feel. For me, it's not worth doing unless it's fun...so I am going to continue making fun things until I can no longer move.

Wonderful Wire

Art for me is more than just expressive creativity... it is the voice of my soul. It is a release, an outlet, a way to 'press my face against the screen of a window' to breathe in the fresh outside air! I have Multiple Sclerosis; a very progressively confining disease. Yet, the more I am confined and seemingly 'boxed in', the more I crave to shout and sing out! Wire Art is the newest 'song I am singing' and each style of art I engage in has it's own musical tone. Classical, Jazz and quite often funny little spurts of a child's sidewalk marching band! It gives me relief, joy and delight. And this is what I hope it gives others as well.

Gloria Gaus - Black Snake Studio

Picked by curator paint1chris

Curated exhibit by paint1chris
Periodically we may include a curated exhibit. This is not for self promotion but purely to showcase the fabulous fine artists on Etsy. Here's a peek at some of the artists in future shows!

Oil Paintings by Ursula Andrejczuk

I was born and raised in Poland but moved to New Mexico three years ago. This change was probably the main reason why I got back to my dream of becoming an artist after 10 years of neglecting it. Self-taught in drawing, I studied painting with Gregg Kreutz in Taos, NM. I recently moved to United Kingdom and enjoy the cool, delicate north light, so perfect for painting. I constantly strive to improve my art with each passing day. Old masters, everyday life and dreams are my teachers. The harmony, beauty and craftsmanship are my goals.

Emma Kidd

I am an Australian artist who has just returned from 5 years living in France. I create original pieces using gouache, ink or oil paint, multi-plate photographic etching. They usually always have animals in them, i am really just a big child at heart.

Angela Hogan

I am largely self-taught, and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember - when it's going well, I find painting almost meditative - I can get quite lost in my work!
My inspiration comes from many things, including color, texture, and nature. I am also finding that I am increasingly fascinated by found papers and ephemera - I'm an avid collector of "rubbish!" I love the feeling that something I'm using has a history or some kind of imprint from it's previous life.
There are themes which I seem to unconsciously come back to in my work - certain colors (red and teal often feature!), keys, hearts, trees and feathers. I work mainly in acrylics and mixed media, and my work has been shown in various locations in the UK.

Dan Felstead - Retreat into Solitude

I have been attached at the hip to a camera - digital and film since the early 70's. My freelance work in the past has taken me to weddings, portraits, news journalism, and travel. Now I finally have the chance to take the photos that mean something to me. I began my photography journey while in college in the early 70's. From time to time over the years I have supplemented income through various freelance venues. However the inspiration and therapy I enjoy from transferring what I see in my mind’s eye to the final image is the reason that I still enjoy practicing the art of photography 35 years later. At the shop and on the blog I comment on the photographs about my thoughts and feelings that were present at the time the shutter clicked...sort of a stream of consciousness thing! As you view them, take a breath, separate yourself from the clock and for a brief moment step into the photograph with me.