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Dan Felstead - Retreat into Solitude

I have been attached at the hip to a camera - digital and film since the early 70's. My freelance work in the past has taken me to weddings, portraits, news journalism, and travel. Now I finally have the chance to take the photos that mean something to me. I began my photography journey while in college in the early 70's. From time to time over the years I have supplemented income through various freelance venues. However the inspiration and therapy I enjoy from transferring what I see in my mind’s eye to the final image is the reason that I still enjoy practicing the art of photography 35 years later. At the shop and on the blog I comment on the photographs about my thoughts and feelings that were present at the time the shutter clicked...sort of a stream of consciousness thing! As you view them, take a breath, separate yourself from the clock and for a brief moment step into the photograph with me.


Etsy Art Gallery said...

It is amazing how you capture the essence of beauty in your photography. Thank you for exhibiting with us.

artangel said...

Dan I hadn't seen your work before but very glad I've found it! Your photography has such a beautiful, haunting feel - wonderful work!

paint1chris said...

Dan, as always, this is wonderful work. I love the Peace Within. The colours of the sky are reflected in the church...beautiful.