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Angela Hogan

I am largely self-taught, and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember - when it's going well, I find painting almost meditative - I can get quite lost in my work!
My inspiration comes from many things, including color, texture, and nature. I am also finding that I am increasingly fascinated by found papers and ephemera - I'm an avid collector of "rubbish!" I love the feeling that something I'm using has a history or some kind of imprint from it's previous life.
There are themes which I seem to unconsciously come back to in my work - certain colors (red and teal often feature!), keys, hearts, trees and feathers. I work mainly in acrylics and mixed media, and my work has been shown in various locations in the UK.


Dan Felstead said...

I can get lost in your work as well! Especially "October" for me. So simple but I find myself spending time musing on what it must be like to be there. I also like your color choices.


artangel said...

Dan thanks so much for your kind words! I love that you could imagine yourself in the landscape of "October"!

paint1chris said...

Angela, a great sampling of your work. I am drawn to your Curious Treasures piece. Very effective.