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One of the many styles of painting is the use of dots. This style is called Pointillism or Divisionism. When using colour these dots consist of small brush strokes of contrasting colours. These colours are not blended on the palette or on the canvas. When viewed from a distance, your eyes do the blending. Georges Seurat (1859 – 1891) was the pioneer of this style and was a leader in colour theory. He was the founder of the Neo-Impressionism style.
Pointillism is also used as a drawing technique. The concentrations of dots create the different values in a drawing.
Check out these Etsy artists whose works are created using this technique.
Doug Ashby, 68rhino, Third Street Gallery, Sandra Willard, Wendell Fiock, Heather Paqualino Weirich, Alan Hogan, artsncraftsetc, LisaRansomSmith


M.M.E. said...

A very nice website. I'm glad someone still appreciates the pen and ink techniques of pointillism. As a pen and ink artist, I feel like an endangered species at times.