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It began with photography. I took my first photograph when I was about 17 and haven’t stopped clicking the shutter since. Now, some 45 years after my first pictures, I have wholeheartedly adopted digital imaging and complex photo manipulation. I often combine scanned images from my own archive with other found images from photo libraries, postcards and old magazines. I do this both digitally and physically before further manipulating and distorting them.

I have just begun working in more traditional media, including painting and collage, monoprinting, collagraphs and linocut. I find that the mental ‘shifting of gears’ involved in moving between them refreshes my creativity, with ideas from one informing my work in the others. I am now trying to reintegrate these different areas of work, sometimes by modifying the digital image to create unique pieces, or by introducing digital elements into otherwise ‘conventional’ work.


Etsy Art Gallery said...
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Etsy Art Gallery said...

I love the diversity of your work. Very beautiful and uplifting.

Best Lisa

paint1chris said...

Digital art is so facinating. I love your piece Japonaise.