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Wonderful Wire

Art for me is more than just expressive creativity... it is the voice of my soul. It is a release, an outlet, a way to 'press my face against the screen of a window' to breathe in the fresh outside air! I have Multiple Sclerosis; a very progressively confining disease. Yet, the more I am confined and seemingly 'boxed in', the more I crave to shout and sing out! Wire Art is the newest 'song I am singing' and each style of art I engage in has it's own musical tone. Classical, Jazz and quite often funny little spurts of a child's sidewalk marching band! It gives me relief, joy and delight. And this is what I hope it gives others as well.


Dan Felstead said...

Great work! I visited your site and love the bugs! You have a very unique style.

Dan Felstead

WonderfulWire said...

Thank you Dan!! :) I'm so glad you love the bugs... they are the 'Childrens' sidewalk marching band! lol!

paint1chris said...

Love your wire art so much that I featured it in a curated show "Picked by curator paint1chris" below.

WonderfulWire said...

Thank you so much Chris... I just saw this post and appreciate it! :)