The mission of the Etsy Fine Art Gallery is to highlight the fine art on Etsy, as distinct from fine craft. Not that we have a bias against fine craft, mind you. That will be for another blog. Here you will find only original fine art. Watch for new openings and special exhibits curated by Etsy fine artists. And thank you for looking. Our exhibits change every Sunday so check back often!

Carol Vasenko’s Art- A sample

I tend to like very textural art and no matter how I try, things usually end up in layers. Mixed media is very natural to me. The first color to run out in my paint box is yellow, my neutral. I am trying to work my way around the spectrum, however. My work is far from realistic, though I use imagery. There is always a private story behind each of my pieces. Other loves: My fine family; my feisty felines and Photoshop!


Susan_from_Nerk said...

Wow! I love her artwork. susan_from_nerk

Penguen said...

I love your use of color.